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It can build buildings/resource fields, auto-farm, send resources, avoid attacks and much more
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2 August 2009

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Computer gaming has evolved immensely since its advent few years back catering to a large audience with diverse interests and genres that appeal to children as well as adults. The internet is full of options for all kinds of players who enjoy different types of games that can be downloaded and even played online and nowadays even compete with other online players. Further, ranging from simple and warm premises to gory action and war like situations, computer games have come of age that appeals to all and sundry. TribalWarsManager application is one that caters to the action lovers and adrenaline pumping which is full of excitement and follows tribal war like situations.

TribalWarsManager 1.1.2 opens with a light hued interface with a neatly arranged interface that has the chief options spread intuitively and also provides vibrant graphics that add to the pleasure of gaming. The premise of the game includes tribal wars and plays sounds upon any attacks and warns the player and can even notify with an e-mail or ICQ. Furthermore, it automatically facilitates sending troops through selecting the best villages and also calculates the production of target too. It also keeps the player out of any jeopardy through ruling out villages that have high defense system; besides successfully evading attacks and keeping the troops secure and even tells the resources to be sent away if they have no protection. The attacks can be shared with the alliances and the tribal war manager coordinates the attacks for better synchronization. This game is highly recommended for people who love action and adventure and promises lot of interesting escapades.

To conclude, TribalWarsManager comes across as an intensive application that promises lot of excitement and adventure for the player and gets a rating score of four points owing to its impressive set up and innovative premise.

Publisher's description

Alerts on attacks:
TribalWarsManager can play sounds on attacks and warn you. You can even get notified by email or icq.
Sends automatically troops:
You select the villages you want to farm and TribalWarsManager is doing the job automatically. Selects the best villages and calculates the production of the target...
Stay out of troubles:
If a village has to high defense, TribalWarsManager will not visit it anymore.
Evading attacks:
You can set what kind of troops, should be evading attacks. They will be sent away and called back after the attack. This makes you sleep much better...
You can even tell TribalWarsManager to send resources away, if they are not protected by your crannies.
Every alliance member, that is using TribalWarsManager can share his attacks within the alliance. TribalWarsManager will coordinate the attacks - this will prevent to attack the same villages twice. You even can see all attacks from or to the alliance..
And much more.
Version 1.1.2
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